In the beginning…

How did we get here!!! Well, let’s see…

In the beginning, we had an idea. Our idea was that we would live in the country, grow our own fruit and vegetables, raise chickens and whatever other critters we could raise. So, we bought a house and 1.5 acres in a semi-rural area and left the city for a simpler life.

After we moved in to our new home we were chomping at the bit to get started with our new lifestyle. So we visited the local feed and supply store and purchased nine, three day old chicks. Now, keep in mind that the two of us just moved from the city, David having never lived on or near a farm and me not having been on a farm since I was a kid. We knew nothing about raising chickens – NOTHING!! For the first month our new farm members lived in the sunroom in a large tub with a heat lamp. When the girls (the chicks were all hens) were about a month old, we moved them to the garage and put them in the dog kennel. We learned really quick how much chickens poop!!! The cage had to be cleaned daily, and as the girls got older, they were harder to catch when they escaped the cage during cleaning and feeding times.

Around mid-May the girls were now ‘teenagers’ and we moved them outside to their new home. I purchased a prefabricated chicken coop from Tractor Supply and put it together while David was at work one day, my daughter Shelby and my granddaughters Sofia & Serenity helped me put the new digs for the girls together. The next day, David and I built a fenced run and attached it to the chicken coop.

We were off to a good start. We had chickens and a new enclosure for them to thrive and we had started our first vegetable garden at our new homestead. And here my friends is where the wheels started coming off…….

We woke one morning to find two dead hens. Turns out, we had a fox for a woodland neighbor and the chicken enclosure needed to be a bit more secure than we had originally believed. We secured the enclosure and the ladies were now happy and safe. Our first eggs were in August 2017 and the ladies have been steady layers.

So, that’s my first blog and that’s it for now. Check back soon for further lessons, screw ups and shenanigans at the Homesteading Hippy with David and Vanessa Jones.

Peace out!!!

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